Violations of Human Rights

One little act can make a violation of human rights. For instance the China’s One Child Policy caused forced abortions of children of couples who already have a child and sterilization;by family planning officials and an international issue of human rights violation. Moreover,according to the UN Tehran Declaration on Human Rights, couples have the right to have many children as they want “freely but responsibly”(Mason) The decision”responsibly” can signify not having more children that the couple can support monetarily or having a number of children that is left on the streets on abandon or an orphan. China’s One Child Policy is making women use dangerous contraceptives to have abortions because they wish to undergo the sterilization operations that destroy their childbearing capacity.  The population programs are so careless and have so much ignorance about women’s overall health need.  The Chinese government imposes the policy through violent means including “beatings, kidnappings and killings committed by family planning officials” (Demick).  Chinese law state that family planning officials should “‘not violate the personal rights of civilians’”; however, it permits “‘remedial measures’ to end unauthorized pregnancies” (Demick). Furthermore, as having forced abortions  is killing the baby and as a result of the abortion the mother can die.These abortions and sterilizations are “often performed at family planning clinics, where, by the admission of Chinese officials, medical training and equipment can be inadequate” (Demick).  The China’s “one-child policy” flouts international human rights especially to the women’s.

Can a Monthly Stipends Help Gendercide?

                                     China Ending of Forced Abortion and Gendercide

                An American organization/campaign called WRWF meaning Women’ Rights Without Fronters. Is saving baby girls from China by giving monthly stipends ( regular sum paid as a salary or allowance) to their mothers.  By giving this stipends to pregnant mothers without a birth permit to stop them from hiding and running to escape the forced abortions.

Some examples from the organization of WRWF is a couple from China, who were poor farmers were expecting a baby girl. The woman’s husband told her to leave the baby girl out in the fields to die because “they” wanted a baby boy. The mother was under so much pressure that she received a phone called form a WRWF Field Worker who persuade her to not abandoned the baby girl. With the monthly stipend the mother is happy and glad that she didn’t leave the baby girl. She is very thankful to the WRWF organization. 

Another story is from a twenty-five year old married women who got pregnant of their first child. She didn’t have a birth permit but still decided to have the baby anyway. A WRWF helped her with a monthly stipend as she hidden from the Family Planning Policy  (a population control policy in China); moving the family form village to village to escape the for forced abortion. Her amazing baby girl was born in June 2012. The baby girl was the first abbay saved by WRWF organization.

 Finally, I believe that it’s a great organization that is trying to save baby girls from China into having a better future and balancing the gender ratio. Specially since China has a bad balance of gender ratio with more boys than girls. The WRWF organization is giving women from China their rights back by making a small change in their life. Which I think it’s a great start to for Women’s Rights!

The website of this organization is:

birth permit in China

Birth Permit in China

family planning policy

China has the highest suicide rate especailly from women!!!!

China account for 26% of suicides worldwide especial form women. The reason because their leading days to their suicde attempt where many cause by 

  • Depressness
  • Hepatitis B
  • Anxietie
  • Financial Worries
  • Breast Cancer
  • Health Worries
  • Social Stress
  • Rural places in China

Many women in China commit this horrible act’s beacuse they dont feel safe or they feel trap with no way out from their probles especially since dont know who to turn to.  Since they cant find support form their country sice they aren’t man and dosen’t give them no right they desrive.

graph of suicide of women in china

It’s not fear

I strongly believe that is not fear that many families in China decide to abort or to have a force abortion on girls, and that instead they decided to have a baby boy because they believe that a boy can carry the family’s business and also that they can do the hard work and take care of the family. The reason I believe this is because every life of a human being is valuable no matter how different they might  be. Moreover women can do equal or more work than a man even though they seem fragile and weak don’t mean they are capable of doing hard work. That’s way I don’t believe it’s right to have abortions especially when it’s about a girls.”China released a new census data that shows that Chinese families prefer sons over daughters. The data showed that women gave birth to 115.9 boys than 100 women. Now China has 33 mation men than women, who may never find their mates”(Bloomberg).